PCStuff Limited

Making technology Behave

Computer Support

Helping you get the most out of your system. Whether that is installing software or completely re-building your computer. From initial set-up of your machine to security updates / patches or virus removal. We can help.

Home Networking

Assisting in connecting all of your devices. With so much technology available to us these days it is important that it all works together. But setting up a home network to allow this can sometimes be a bit tricky. We can help.


With so much technology in the home constantly connected, security is a bigger concern than most realise. We need to ensure that we are setting up our devices and software to help secure our personal data and information. Security need not be overly complicated. I can help find that balance between security and convenience so that you can have peace of mind with not only your information, but also that of the household or business.

Taming technology

We help you tame your technology. Sometimes tech simply does not like to behave, we can help. Using technology should not be complicated. It should deliver benefits without having to have us learn a brand new language. But it can feel like that sometimes. We like to find those solutions for your technology frustrations. Solving problems is a passion, Likewise so is explaining technology in simple and understandable English.

We listen to your needs and work to help you. Unlike some other companies who want to pigeon-hole their customers and assume their needs. we tailor every solution to your needs. Regardless of the size of the task. From setting up a printer, or installing the latest software patches, to installing and configuring a firewall appliance to protect all devices connected to your network, and allow management of internet access on a device by device level.

I have been involved in IT for over 20 years. With a passion for making things easy to use and connecting technology to increase its benefit. Securing a home network against some of the more determined of users (teenagers) so that we could actively manage internet access times as well as internet access types.

Next Steps...

For assistance with your home or business systems and Technology send me a message, I will usually respond within a few hours.