About Us

Steven Fooks

Founder & Director

Passionate IT and Security enthusiast. Father, Geek, Sci-Fi fan and chief problem solver

Our Philosophy

Technology should help us, not confuse us or drive us crazy. I believe that we can all have this. I like to solve problems, finding solutions, not just for the sake of it, but to help people get on with what they want to be doing. But in these days of “always connected” we need to also consider carefully any security concerns that come with using technology. I like to help find that ground between security and convenience so that we can still use our devices but feel safe in the knowledge that we and our loved ones are protected as well.

Our Story

I have been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years. Working with development teams and end users alike. PCStuff was set up to help the general public to be able to utilise technology and still be safe and connected. To help parents protect their children from the many online challenges they face. But also to assist the small business owners who do not have an IT department to maintain their IT environment so that they can focus on the business they are in

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