Computer and Network support for the Home

Support for the Home IT environment. Patching and updating. Setting up backup processes to protect from ransomware. Installing software. Configuring and securing the network, allowing devices to communicate with each other safely. Plus much more.

Small Business

Provide outsourced IT support for you business. cloud backup solutions, websites, email, file shares between devices. Allowing you to focus on the business you are in rather than the technology you use. System automation and integration to get better use and visibility of the data you have so that you are better able to plan the future of your business.


Provide security assessments of your environment from basic to detailed. Offer recommendations to safeguard your personal and business data, and applying these changes in your environment.

I.T. Support and advice

I.T. should not be a scary subject. It should just work in the background and add value to your day to day life. I love making processes easier and more connected through technology. Helping people to understand the value.